Unlock Your Potential

Meet Dienie

We all have a story, and the story of our life can define who we are. I would love to help you rewrite your story and take ownership of your destiny.

“Be the person you needed when you were younger”


My Journey…

As a young girl and woman, I struggled with the same issues many women struggle with – sexual abuse, an eating disorder, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs about myself, having a critical inner voice, being made to feel like I have to behave in certain ways or am only allowed in certain roles because of my gender, marital challenges, and being a woman in the corporate world.

At the time I didn’t have anyone who I could turn to, like a mentor or a role model, who could help me navigate these challenges or to who I could turn for advice or reassurance. My goal is to fill that gap for women who need someone to give constructive input into their lives, and to share the wisdom that my experiences has allowed me to build up over the years.

Being a prophet allows me to hear and see Heaven’s perspective and God’s heart for the individual or situation, and with strategy being one of my core strengths I am able to translate what I experience in the supernatural into a blueprint that can be used practically to empower people to unlock their purpose.